Dear Children of Light!
Time is ready for a new experience!
27 May 09u tot 22u

Did you ever want to trance/dance on goa-trance, ambient and tribal music with the sun shining on your face? Bare feeted, feeling the Earth below? Without alcohol, smokes or any other drugs on the entire event! Fresh juices and healthy food, feeding your  body and the life within. Connected with yourself, the Earth, the Sun and all the other dancers? A real natural trance!
Well, your (and our) dream is coming true! 27 may 2017 we’ll host the very first Suntribe event! This concept is a collaboration between Universa Vzw & Suntrip Records. We chose to take the best out of several worlds and experiences we’ve had! Our intentions are simple:

Celebrate life, the Sun and Earth via melodic goa-trance, tribal music and ambient vibrations on a pure day party!
We will not serve any alcohol or soda’s on this event. Only water, thea and fresh juices.. And to make things even more special! We’ll start the day with a potluck breakfast table, aiming to open this experience, connected as one family! More info about all this below..



Dimension 5 – Suntrip Records – (UK)
(One of the biggest names within goa-trance!)
Ready to bring you to the 5th dimension! Powerful, euphoric and acidic!) Dimension 5 was one of the first Goa Trance groups ever and released lots of highly acclaimed vinyls and cds. The group saw its existence in 1989, and around 1994 they released their first early Goa Trance vinyls, which they described as “space techno”. Back then the group existed out of 4 members: Charlie Clarke, Graham Franklin, Kerry Palmer and Nick Wenham. They started their own label, Intastella Records, in 1996 to have total musical freedom.

Nattagh (FR)
(Live tribal trance! Didgeridoo, handpan, Jawharp, and lots of surprises…)
Multi-Instru-Mentalist and Sound In-Gene-Hear Jeremy Nattagh has created “The Panoramique Project” gathering all his influences and skills….Surrounded by 5 handpans and a unique feet-drums, together with Adele B. (who’s a master with didgeridoo and jawharp) and other Guest-artists. They take you on an Acoustic Trance trip, travelling through Ethnic Grooves and melodies..  Get onboard for a never ending refreshing and healing trip !!!

Nicolas Mortelmans (BE)
(Live sitar music to relax the body and the mind!)

Pavane (Suntrip Records) – (BE)
Pavane is belgium’s finest female goatrance dj.
She’ll start our journey into trance with an ambient/downtempo goatrance set.

DJ Mantradeli (Ecstatic Dance) – (BE)
Mantradeli played ambient and uptempo goatrance on a lot of Belgian Goaparties between 2005 and 2012. Since 3 years he is one of the main dj’s in the ecstatic dance scene in Europe and co-organiser of Ecstatic Dance Belgium. At this party he will bring us back to his roots of goatrance.  Check out this mix of Mantradeli.

DJ Anoebis (SunTrip Records) – (BE)
Anoebis is a melodic old/new school goa-trance dj. He’s known as one of the managers of Suntrip Records. He’ll bring us a special sunny euforic melodic goatrance set for this party.
Check out this mix of Anoebis.

The Program:
09h00: Potluck – Breakfast table:
The event will start at 9h00 with a potluck breakfast
People who arrive between 8h30 and 9h15 and bring food (veggi) for this breakfast will get a 5€ reduction! During breakfast we’ll connect with eachother and get the tribe started!
10h00: Soundhealing Journey Tim Biot, Robin V.d.B. & Annelies van Mol
Breakfast will be followed by a soundhealing Journey where you’ll lie down, close your eyes and let the music take over as a way to let go of the ‘blabla’ in your mind.
10h30: Warm-up Workshop – Erwin de Rycke
We will get our muscles, minds, intentions, breath ready with Erwin de Rycke’s warm-up workshop.
11h30: Ambient/downtempo Goatrance
An ambient set with Pavane opens the dancefloor bringing us slowly into trance.
13h00: 6-hours of melodic trance dance
Now we are ready for 6 hours of wild trance dance!
19h00: Food-Break: Hoeders van de Aarde
At 19h00 we’ll have an evening one hour break for food made by the Hoeders van de Aarde. Most ingrediënts are freshly plucked from the permaculture garden where you will be dancing!
20h00: Live Tribal Trance
The ‘Nattagh trio from Paris’ will show us what live tribal trance is all about. With didgeridoo, jawharp, handpan and flute we’ll get a performance that will guide us through many levels.
21h30: Live Sitar Soundscapes
To slow down our heartrate, multi-instrumentalist Nicolas Mortelmans is there with his Sitar to make the perfect ending for our journey in trance.
22h00: Campfire & Relaxing
By 22h00 The music ends, the campfire is on, hot drinks are served so we’re sure everyone can go home with a smile and a warm heart!


The Location & Parking:
We will be dancing at the Permaculture Garden of the Hoeders van de Aarde in Vremde 2531 (20minutes from Antwerpen).
This event is an openair event. There is however a beautifull tent at hand.
Some rules to preserve the intentions of the event:*
Smoking cigarettes is not allowed on the dancefloor area, chillout or kitchen.
=>We will create 1 smokingplace.

– No smoking weed or any other plants.
– No alcohol or any other drugs.
– Entering under influence of any kind is not allowed at this event.
– Respect nature and the surrounding/neighbours.
– Park only where allowed to honour the location.
– Children are allowed but there is no kindergarden.
– No dogs allowed.
– Respect one another.
* When you come, please respect these simple rules.
* If you find this strange, give it a try, you might like it!
* If you do not agree/accept at all, don’t come. There are plenty of events where you can go.
* If you don’t respect these rules at the event, you will be asked to leave the venue.


Reserve your dancingspace:
> 300 dancers max. Full = Full).
> Entrance Fee: 20euro
> You get a 5euro discount when you arrive between 8.30 to 9.15am and you bring food for the potluck with you!

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