Ecstatic Dance

What does your danceheaven look like?
Do you also get those images of liberating movement, celebrating cells, amazing connections, an top feel good feeling, great vibes, warm colours, relaxing thoughts, great melody’s?  Well, then we have good news for you. We invite you for an amazing amazing experience… Ecstatic Dance!

What is Ecstatic Dance?
It is a unique dance-experience in which we – under musical guidance – go on an exploration, dare to be vulnerable and test our limits. There are 3 simple basic guidelines at Ecstatic Dance: “No Shoes, No Booze, No Chitchat”.  This way, we make a connection with the Earth through our feet, we communicate authentically through our body and we celebrate life in all its aspects!  Every E.D. dance evening starts and ends with a small ceremony in which we make time and space to connect ourselves with ourselve, the others, the temple in which we dance, the music, our intentions and all other Ecstatic Dance Circles around the world. On top of all that you are totally free to follow your own flow. We welcome you exactly as you are right now.

The concept of Ecstatic Dance comes from Hawaii and California. Through the years, it has conquered many hearts and body’s all around the world. Before the Belgian Tribe started, there were for example: New York, Seattle, London, Amsterdam, Ibiza, Berlin, Bali, Barcelona,..  We hope to see you at one of our events/dancefloors. To meet you. Come as you are,share as you wish, and create as you dream. Together, we dance as a manifestation of love, peace and light on this Earth!     Ecstatic Dance Belgium on Facebook!

19.00 Doors open
19.30 Ceremony & Warm Up
20.00 Ecstatic Dance with Dj’s like : DJ-CaroLine, DJ-Mantradeli, DJ-Senneth, DJ-Kareem Raïhani, DJ-Esta Polyesta, Kaya Project, DJ-Shanto, Jamie Catto, Michael Skelton, DJ-Anoebis, DJ-Iradi, DJ-Falkor, DJ-Yarun, DJ-Ephniko, DJ-Dunya, DJ-Softdragon, …
22.00 Ending

Tickets & Reservation:
Click here to reserve a spot for one or more Ecstatic Dance Editions !

Dates & Locations Region Antwerp:
Woensdag 18 juli   (DJ Ben Harris & DJ Caroline)   OPENAIR  –  De Weegbree – Hoogstraat 64 – 2861 O.L.V.-Waver
Woensdag 29 aug.   (DJ Tikke Massala – Goa India)   OPENAIR  –  Location to be announced

Dates & Locations Region Ghent:
Woensdag 11 juli    (DJ Bernice & Donna Carrol)   OPENAIR   –  Paradiso Garden – Beekstraat 8 – 9968 Bassevelde
Donderdag 09 aug.     (DJ SoftDragon)         OPENAIR   –  Paradiso Garden  – Beekstraat 8 – 9968 Bassevelde

Dates & Locations Region Brussels:
To be announced

Dates & Locations Region Leuven:
Woensdag 22 aug.       (DJ Falkor)            OPENAIR   –  Het Mooi Alternatief – Kasteeldreef 2 – 3390 Houwaart
Woensdag 19 sept.    (DJ Martyn NL)       OPENAIR   –  Het Mooi Alternatief – Kasteeldreef 2 – 3390 Houwaart

Data & Locaties Regio Limburg:
To be announced

– Standard price:  15euro.
– 5-turncard:         60euro.
-10-turncard:      100euro.
– If your finances hold you back of taking part at an ecstatic dance event, contact us.
* We are open for another fair energy exchange.
– Water is always available for free at the event.