Welcome to the Volunteering subscription for Suntribe Festival 2019!

Hi Suntriber!
Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of our Suntribe Crew this year!

A few things to know before signing up:
1. We are a non-alcoholic festival:
90% of our profit comes from the ticketsales, only 10% from the food and the drinks. Since we are a very young festival we therefore can’t permit ourselves to have + 500 volunteers on our festival as we kinda need every ticket right now. Therefore we ask from every volunteer a minimum of 2 shifts of 2,5 hours each per day.

2. Alcohol & drugs:
We ask you – especially as a part of our crew – to really respect the non-alcohol/no drugs policy as it is a crucial part of the concept of our festival.

3. What do you get: (except for a really good time)
– When you do 2 shifts on saturday or sunday, you will receive a festivalticket for that same day.
– When you do 2 shifts on friday 27/09 (camping/parking/kassa are already open) you will receive a ticket for Saturday or Sunday.
– When you do 4 shifts, you will receive a festivalticket for the weekend + camping.
– When you do 4 shifts on Friday 27/09 (camping/parking/kassa) you will receive a weekendticket + camping.

4. Sign up through the form below:
When we receive your form, we send you an automated reply with an oversight of what you sent to us. This is not a confirmation yet. We will first look into everything and make the gigantic puzzle. We will ofcourse contact you as soon as possible when we found a suitable spot for you.

5. When you sign up, we take you seriously and we expect you to have thought it all through very well… Sudden last minute changes of mind/cancellations mean ‘trouble’ for us! So, if you still doubt, then please don’t sign up yet. Get it clear for yourself first and take responsibility for your choice. Thank you!

Thank you SO much for your engagement and we are looking forward A LOT to start building up this year’s edition 😀

Your Pre Name: (required)

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Your Phonenumber: (required)

Rijksregisternummer: (required, for people with Belgian nationality)

Passport or ID number: (required, for people with another nationality)

During the festival I am able to volunteer on:
Friday 27/09Saturday 28/09Sunday 29/09Not during the festival itself

During the festival I wish to volunteer:
2 shifts of 2,5 hours4 shifts of 2,5 hoursGive me more hours!Not during the festival itself

During the buildup phase of the festival I wish to volunteer:
Not during build-upSaturday - 14 Sept.Sunday - 15 Sept.Monday - 16 Sept.Tuesday - 17 Sept.Wednesday - 18 Sept.Thursday - 19 Sept.Friday - 20 Sept.Saturday - 21 Sept.Sunday - 22 Sept.Monday - 23 Sept.Tuesday - 24 Sept.Wednesday - 25 Sept.Thursday - 26 Sept.

During the builddown phase of the festival I wish to volunteer:
Not during build-downMonday - 30 Sept.Tuesday - 01 Okt.Wednesday - 02 Okt.Thursday - 03 Okt.Friday - 04 Okt.Saturday - 05 Okt.Sunday - 06 Okt.

My most important skills and talents are:
socialartistic (with paint)being punctualadministrativephysical strengthpractical skillsbar tendingdrivingother (please specify below)

If you made it this far without using google translate, you may skip this one:
Ik begrijp geen Engels, contacteer mij in het Nederlands aub.

You can use this place for remarks or if there is anything else that we need to know about you: