Welcome to the Healing Tribe subscription for the Suntribe festival healingmarket 2019!

Hello healers!
Would you like to be part our healing tribe of Suntribe festival?

Please fill in the subscription form underneith this informationpage.
– Read all the information below to know how it works.
– We will contact you a.s.a.p. to let you know if you are a match for our festival.
– We are looking for healers with experience in many forms and flows.
– Food/drinks/powders/.. are not part of our healers area and are not allowed to be sold there!

* We offer you:
– A 2 days long festival (both days from 10h00 to 22h30).
– +-3000 possible clients.
– A (limited) amount of electricity.
– The healing marketplace (grass field).
– A campingarea behind your stalls.

– A welcoming team with a big and warm heart : – )

* Pricing/how it works:
Deposit (=minimum contribution): 150€
Includes 1 entranceticket for the weekend including camping.
extra healer for your stand buys a ‘helperticket’ (private ticketlink via email) for 75€ two days or 40€ one day.
At the end of the festival, you calculate 25% of the revenue.
If the amount of this 25% is lower than the deposit, you pay nothing extra.
If the amount of this 25% is higher than the deposit, you pay 25% minus the deposit you already payed.

You set your own price/time 5€ – 10€ – 15€ – 20€ – 25€ – … (keep it reasonable !!!).
People pay with specific healer coins (5euro per coin). These are being sold at the Cash registers of the festival.

* Sleeping behind the Healing market stalls:
There is a healingmarket campingarea behind your stall for tent or van. There is place for 1 van OR 1 tent behind your stall. Helpers that do not sleep in your tent or van, need to sleep at the official campingsite.
BUT! Sleeping vans behind the stall are only allowed if the weather allows it! If the weather is too rainy vans will not be able to reach this terrain and will have to park on the campervanparking for visitors.
Regular cars have to be parked anyhow on the visitors parking.
– During the night you cannot leave the healing market ‘backstage’ unless in case of emergency.
No possibility of walking around the festivalterrain at night.
There is continuous security patrol during the night.
Offcourse there is a toilet available nearbye.

* What to bring:
– Tent / gear / tables / chairs / light..
– Space to sleep during the festival (camper/tent/..).
– Enough stock for the whole weekend.
– A big smile : – )

* What NOT to bring:
– Any powders / herbs / .. other stuff to sell apart from your healing itselve.
– Dogs.
– Bad vibes.

* Upon arrival:
1. drive to the crew entrance at the frontgate of the castle (see on maps here).
2. check-in at the crew entrance gate with your printed ticket (you will receive the ticket in advance through the e-mailadress you provide us).
3. you will be asked to drive directly to the healingmarket area.
4. arrived there, check in with Lise Orye or Silke Schellekens (coördinators healingmarket).
5. They will provide you the nessacary information on your standarea / festival, market and campingbracelets.

* Buildup hours:
– Friday 27 september from 10h00 to 21h00:
Saterdaymorning 28 september from 7h00 – 9h00

* Trafic with cars/vans in-out during the festival:
There is no possability to leave/enter the festivalsite with your van/car/.. during the festivaldays and nights. So please be aware to bring everything you need for all days and nights you are there or you will have to bring it in by foot.

* Till what time can I enter or leave the healing marketspace by foot each day:
– Friday 27 september till 24h00 night.
– Saturday 28 september till 24h00 night.
– Sunday 29 september till 02h00 night.
Monday 30 september till 18h00 day.

* Builddown hours:
– Sunday 29 september from 23h00 to 02h00 night.
– Monday 30 september from 09h00 to 18h00 day

* To bring yourself:
– tent.
– chairs.
– tables.
– personal lighting.
– electricity cables.
– decor and good stuff.
– camper or tent to sleep in for 2 or 3 nights.
– joyfull vibes and smiling faces

* Publicity:
– The more publicity everyone makes, the better the festival will roll and the more everyone gets the possibility to bring their work to a greater audience. So as a community, lets share our recources and let everyone know we are here!

*Shops Subscription Form:

Your Name and Prename

E-mail adress

Telefone or mobile number

Name of the Shop/Project

BTW/VAT-number (if you have one)

What is the form of healing you wish to practice

Short introduction of what you are offering in your shop/project

Publicity (optional)

Text about your shop for online (optional):

my tent is m2 large

how many people keep the shop/project open?

names of the shop/the healers (including yours):
Your name:
1st healer:
2nd healer:

Do you need electricity?

How much watt are you using?

If more watt, how much?

What are you using the electricity for?
light - LEDlight - Hallogenlight - Lightbulbspeakers / mp3phone rechargingwarming watersomething else

Where will you be sleeping in the backstage of the healingmarket during the festival?

Questions and Remarks