Universa presents “Sudha” Concerts & Meditation!

UniversaWebHeaderSudhainConcertfeb2016Universa proudly presents.. ❦ SUDHA (Mantra singer) ❦
“Singing into Silence” tour in Belgium in Antwerp on Sunday 7th February 2016 with an intimate concert (in Antwerp) and a Divine Energy Circle meditation:

“Sudha’s voice – the innocent sound of pure love – will soothe your soul and caress your spirit”. (Deva Premal).

Sacred chants, devotional mantras and songs to soothe the Soul.”

Sudha’s voice gives you goose bumps. Her music brings you into contact with the source of sounds. And together with her musician Andy, she will be creating a magical musical and devotional journey for you to sing along with – or to simply sit back and enjoy!

Sudha will be touring in Belgium for the very first time. She will give a very special and intimate concert “Singing into Silence” in Antwerp and a Divine Energy Circle meditation.

Our Guarantee:
* Silent Wisdom
* Soothing Sounds
* Heart Softenings
* Divine Connections
* Sighs of Oneness

Sunday 7th of February 2016
11:00-13:00 group meditation & chanting

15:30 Welcome and tea
16:00 Concert with Sudha and her musician

About Divine Energy Circle with Sudha

Tapping into the Eternal Nectar of the Divine.
With meditation, chanting on the chakras and hands on energy transmission we drop into a space of Oneness where deep inner peace and healing can happen. We will use the power of the circle to amplify our experience and lift each other to a higher frequency. The mantras are simple yet powerful keys to open the energy flow through the body. No experience with singing is required, everyone can join. This group meditation is deeply relaxing and healing. It is an opportunity to completely let go of stress and giving yourself the gift of just being.

About Sudha:
Originally from Denmark, Sudha’s background in dance, drama and music reaches back to her childhood, where she also developed an early interest in self-discovery and the mysteries of our seen and unseen world. One of Sudha’s main inspirations is the Indian mystic Osho. Since 2002, she has been performing internationally through Europe, Australia, USA, Japan and India at concerts, festivals and meditation events. Sudha spent six years performing and recording with Dutch producer
Maneesh de Moor. In 2006, Sudha experienced a profound sense of Oneness and found a path via which she could access the divine source of energy. This energy is now transmitted through her singing and is available to all who choose to join Sudha through listening to her live in concert or via her music.

Sudha has released three albums: Planet Love ( 2004) – A collection of traditional chants and songs from Hawaií, Native America and the Sufi tradition; Sharanam (2007) – an album of deeply meditative and devotional mantras in Sanskrit. In 2013, Sudha recorded and co-produced a third album In Her Name (released 2014), which is a collection of mantras and chants honouring the Divine Feminine. On this album she worked with producer, composer and flute/sax player Praful, known for his beautiful compositions for Deva Premal.


20 euro/concert OR meditation
35 euro/concert AND meditation

As space will be limited (max 45 people), we advise you to sign up through the subscription-form below if you wish to join us for these very special concert or meditation session

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SPECIAL THANKS to Sudha, Wim Demaere and Universa Vzw